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About Phillip Island’s only Croquet Club

Phillip Island Croquet Club is located in the quiet and relaxing environment of the Bluegum Recreational Reserve on the outskirts of Cowes.

The land is leased from the Bass Coast Shire and provides us with two full size courts and one half size court, as well as the Club House and out-buildings.

Our Membership

With around 40 members, the Club is small and friendly. Members are encouraged to play the game for enjoyment and we are careful to foster a culture of support, both on and off the courts.


As a member you will be affiliated to both the Victorian and the Australian Croquet Associations allowing you to enter any tournament held in Australia or overseas. In addition to Club Championships we enter teams in the Bass Coast Shield Competition and the Gippsland Pennant.

Croquet Game Variants

On taking up the sport most players commence with the variant of the game known as Golf Croquet. In Golf Croquet the objective is to be the first of the two players to put one of their two balls through each of twelve hoops played in a particular sequence. Golf Croquet has become the most widely played version of the sport. A game of Golf Croquet typically lasts about 40 minutes and a session usually involves two or three games.

The more traditional game of Association Croquet is less popular amongst today’s new players. However, Association Croquet is by far the most challenging game to master and that in itself brings its own rewards. An Association Croquet game is time limited to between two and two and a half hours.

Both games are played as singles and doubles.

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